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Pallet in Pallet por Mind Map: Pallet in Pallet

1. Shop Data

1.1. Floor Disposistions

1.1.1. RT Scan To Inventory Create a Pallet in Pallet scenario and Dispo into location Test with mixed Lots

1.1.2. Enter Rejects

1.2. Move

1.2.1. Pick Item by SN

1.2.2. Direct Move by SN

1.2.3. Batch Transfer SN

1.2.4. Direct Move

1.3. Ship

1.3.1. Scanning to PT

1.4. Transactions

1.4.1. Add by SN

1.4.2. Scrap by SN

1.4.3. Adjust by SN

1.4.4. Repack by SN

1.5. VMI

1.6. Pending ASN

1.7. Shop Data

2. WMS

2.1. Floor Disposistions

2.1.1. RT Scan To Inventory Create a Pallet in Pallet scenario and Dispo into location Test with mixed Lots

2.1.2. Enter Rejects

2.2. Move Transactions

2.2.1. Pick Item by SN

2.2.2. Direct Move by SN

2.2.3. Batch Transfer SN

2.2.4. Direct Move

2.3. Ship

2.3.1. Scanning to PT

2.4. Transactions

2.4.1. Add by SN

2.4.2. Scrap by SN

2.4.3. Adjust by SN

2.4.4. Repack by SN

2.5. VMI

2.6. Pending ASN

3. Other Executable

3.1. Work Center Pallet Builder

3.2. Scan Line

4. Requires Re-work of Serial # Tracking

4.1. Currently if you query a pallet label you only see serial that are attached one level deep

4.1.1. Need to add either a drill down/jump to option or include multi level serial information

5. EIQ

5.1. Any transaction that can consume serial numbers

5.1.1. Any qty adjustment where 'backflush materials" can consume a pallet or child label.

5.1.2. RT Floor Disposistions

5.2. Ensure that you can void consumption of a pallet and have the serials + QTY reassociated correctly

5.2.1. Void packing slip> locate by item

5.3. Production reporting?

5.3.1. When reporting good parts is the system back flushing the pallet label correctly and updating all levels correctly PRS PRW

5.4. PRW

5.4.1. Hard allocating SIC pallet/components

5.5. RMA

5.5.1. Does RMA/Returning a pallet in pallet process correctly?

5.6. VMI

5.7. Pending ASN

6. Reject reporting?

6.1. reject components

6.1.1. depending on back flush parameters> reject pallet serial

7. Mixed Lot Palets

7.1. When adding Mixed Lot pallet in pallet labels into inventory ensure that locations are being generated for unique lot numbers and that all serials are added to locations with the correct LOT #

8. Scanning Pallet In Pallet labels for Physical Inventory

9. Do we need to surface an error limiting access to this option based on the "Pallet 2 Pallet" WMS profile setting?

9.1. What is the intended function of the "Pallet 2 Pallet" WMS profile setting?

10. IQRF

10.1. Floor Disposistions

10.1.1. RT Scan To Inventory Create a Pallet in Pallet scenario and Dispo into location Test with mixed Lots

10.1.2. Enter Rejects

10.2. Move Transactions

10.2.1. Pick Item by SN

10.2.2. Direct Move by SN

10.2.3. Batch Transfer SN

10.2.4. Direct Move

10.3. Ship

10.3.1. Scanning to PT

10.4. Transactions

10.4.1. Add by SN

10.4.2. Scrap by SN

10.4.3. Adjust by SN

10.4.4. Repack by SN

10.5. VMI

10.6. Pending ASN

11. Costing/ AR Invoice?