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TA Strategy por Mind Map: TA Strategy

1. Theory of Change

1.1. What is the problem we are trying to solve? (Start Here)

1.1.1. What is the long term change that we see as a goal? Who are they stakeholders?

1.1.2. Who are they stakeholders?

1.2. Who is our key audience?

1.2.1. Key Assumptions

1.3. What is our entry point to reaching our audience?

1.3.1. Key Assumptions

1.4. What steps are needed to bring about change?

1.4.1. Key Assumptions

1.5. What is the measurable effect of our work?

1.5.1. Key Assumptions

1.6. What are the wider benefits of our work?

1.6.1. Key Assumptions

2. Vision Statement

2.1. It should define what we do as an output

2.1.1. The outcome of our TA succeeding is...

2.2. It should define the unique twist that we bring to the above outcome

2.2.1. We will succeed where others have failed because...

2.3. It should include high level quantification

2.3.1. We primarily serve...

2.4. It should have relatable, human, real world aspects

2.4.1. When people/Orgs use our service, they should feel...

3. Areas of Expertise

4. Our Philosophy

4.1. Believes

4.2. Values

5. Our Approach

5.1. How do we approach TA?

5.2. Process

6. Types of TA

6.1. Teach/Train

6.2. Expert Coaching

6.3. Co-Design and System Implementation