Tennis Goals

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Tennis Goals por Mind Map: Tennis Goals

1. Academic

1.1. 3.7 or higher GPA

1.1.1. Why? Keep top scholarship

1.1.2. How? Study 8:30-9am M Put/revise notes in own words Utilize CAD time

1.1.3. When? End of fall semester

1.2. Find a career

1.2.1. Why? To get a job out of college

1.2.2. How? Contact career services Go to job fairs/connect Look up internships

1.2.3. When? End of fall semester

1.3. Plan research

1.3.1. Why? Set up project for SR. year

1.3.2. How? Plan 9-10am T

1.3.3. When? By end of spring semester

2. Personal

2.1. Better physical/mental endurance

2.1.1. Why? To be more focused during points

2.1.2. How? Better caf diet Drink >128oz H20 Run a 5:40 mile

2.1.3. When? End of October

2.2. >8 UTR

2.2.1. Why? To show improvement

2.2.2. How? Challenging mindset Make finals of at least 1 tourney Compete when down big

2.2.3. When? End of fall season

2.3. Strengthen spirituality

2.3.1. Why? To be more confident/secure

2.3.2. How? Go to Chapel Read daily verse Meditate

2.3.3. When? Continuously

3. Athletic

3.1. Comfort in groundstrokes

3.1.1. Why? Improve game

3.1.2. How? Footwork and body position Practice 3-4p M Swing confidently

3.1.3. When? End of fall season

3.2. Solid kick serve

3.2.1. Why? Serve and volley more comfortably

3.2.2. How? Practice 3-4p W Go all out hitting upward

3.2.3. When? End of fall season

3.3. More % in Target Zone

3.3.1. Why?

3.3.2. How? Take >6,000 steps Play further back in singles Recover to the middle

3.3.3. When? End of fall season