Ridiculous Things My Father Said That Are More Valuable Now Than Ever

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Ridiculous Things My Father Said That Are More Valuable Now Than Ever por Mind Map: Ridiculous Things My Father Said That Are More Valuable Now Than Ever

1. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make em’ drink it.”

1.1. We all want to save, we all want to help, we all want things to go well for others.

1.2. As much as we prepare smooth waters for people in our life, it is their decision to take that route or not

1.3. Be ok with their decision. It’s not our life, it’s theirs.

2. “Every day, all you have to do is this: Wake up a little bit earlier and work a little bit harder.”

2.1. Being special, being unique or just being able to attain our goals begins with the effort we are willing to commit ourselves to.

2.2. Ask yourself: what are you willing to give up for what you want?

2.3. Make diligence a habit and a way of being

2.4. Be consistent and have an uncommon work ethic

3. “Mama used to say two things. She’d say, ‘Baby, don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.’”

3.1. What we worry about usually don't actually happens.

3.2. Reevaluate what is important and what is not, what do you allow yourself to lose sleep over and what you don’t.

4. “You do know the Golden Rule, right? The man with all the gold, rules.”

4.1. Folks born into generational ‘gold’, continue to rule.

4.2. Folks born without that gold and who fail to acquire it, are subjected to the proposed conditions of those who have it.

4.3. In many spaces in our society, money equates to privilege, power and unfortunately to worth as well.

5. “You find a man doing a whole lot of talking, he don’t know very much.”

5.1. We learn the most from folks who have said the least.

5.2. Humility is attractive

5.3. Knowledge and wisdom in short burst is alluring.

5.4. We shy away from talkers

5.5. Listen and observe first, filter, and then be slow to speak.

6. “Mama would say, ‘Child, I just give it all to God.’ “

6.1. Offer your best self where your are needed.

6.2. Trust that it will work out, one way or the other.

6.3. Recognize what is within your control and what is not, and you will become more practical

7. “Right now, while the water is calm, of course everyone wants a ride. Wait until it starts gettin’ choppy, then everyone wants off the boat.”

7.1. In tough times, you find out who you can rely on and who is just using you as a buoy.

7.2. Their impatience, insults, ignorance shortsightedness, etc. don’t necessarily make less of them, but are lessons for us.

7.3. Learn from it.