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Grouping Movies por Mind Map: Grouping Movies

1. Peter Pan

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Age Wendy: almost 13 Peter Pan: around Wendy's age Wendy's brothers (Micheal & John): youngest siblings (around 10 or so years old) Wendy's parents: older Hook: older adult

1.1.2. Gender Wendy: female Micheal & John; males Peter Pan: male Hook: male Mermaids female indian boys: male

1.1.3. Ethnicity

1.1.4. Occupation

1.2. Location

1.2.1. Size

1.2.2. Type Wendy's House Neverland Native American Boys hideout Hooks ship Black Castle Mermaid cove

1.2.3. Use Ship= hooks living area Black Castle- attempt to kill Peter Pan Native American boys hideout- living area

1.2.4. Misc.

1.3. Theme

1.3.1. About Friendship

1.3.2. About Childhood Everyone has to grow up at one point or another

1.3.3. About Life or Death

1.3.4. About Freedom

1.3.5. misc.

1.4. Symbols

1.4.1. Of childhood Clock chiming Neverland fairy dust

1.4.2. Of life/living

1.4.3. Of death/dying alligator

1.4.4. Of power/control

1.4.5. Of love the kiss the thimble

1.4.6. of freedom Peter Pan's shadow

1.4.7. misc.

2. Hook

2.1. Characters

2.1.1. Age Peter (dad) (adult) Moia (mom) (adult) Great grandma Wendy (older) Maggie (daughter) (young) Jack (son) (older than Maggie) Captain Hook (adult) Smee (pirate) (old) Tink (fairy) (no age) Mermaids (adults) Rufio (leader of tribe)

2.1.2. Gender Maggie, Mom, Wendy, and Tink - female Jack, Peter (dad), Captain Hook, Smee - male Mermaids- female

2.1.3. Ethnicity

2.1.4. Occupation Dad works constantly and barely has time for his children

2.2. Location

2.2.1. Size

2.2.2. Type Wendy's School Play Jack's baseball game Captain Hooks Ship Jungle Fairies/ native American boys treehouse Dinner table (with the little boys and rufio)

2.2.3. Use

2.2.4. Misc. Gets his imagination back at the dinner table with the little boys and Rufio

2.3. Theme

2.3.1. About Friendship Captain Hook tries to make a fake friendship with Jack Peter Pan and Tinker bell build a friendship

2.3.2. About Childhood Every child has to grow up at one point or another

2.3.3. About Life or Death

2.3.4. About Freedom

2.3.5. misc.

2.4. Symbols

2.4.1. Of childhood Neverland

2.4.2. Of life/living Clock ticking Peter seeing his reaction as a child in the lake

2.4.3. Of death/dying Alligator

2.4.4. Of power/control Captain Hooks Hook

2.4.5. Of love Jacks homerun baseball Thimble in Peter Pan's old fort

2.4.6. of freedom Flying

2.4.7. misc.