Children's Clothes

System Map For Children's Clothes

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Children's Clothes por Mind Map: Children's Clothes

1. people

1.1. Families

1.1.1. children

1.1.2. Siblings Hand-me-down

1.1.3. Friends + extended family Shipping Social Media networks Safety Asscessibliy

1.2. Companies

1.2.1. Big Box Mass produced Fast Fashion Lower Quality Cheap

1.2.2. Boutique One-Of-a-Kind Personalization Improved customer service

2. Prouducts

2.1. Raw materials

2.1.1. Aestitcs embellishments variety of textiles trimmings, lace, cuffs, frilling comfort

2.1.2. Fabrics

2.2. Goals

2.2.1. Safe quality control

2.2.2. Cute

2.2.3. Easy-to-use Different Occasions dictate needs

2.2.4. Shortlived products are used based on shape and weight --> somewhat standardized Not so much variation in body sizes Might make production easier? Embellishments become more important

2.2.5. Resilient Machine washable

2.3. Tools

2.3.1. industrial saw

2.3.2. industrial sewing machines

3. Processes

3.1. Trash

3.1.1. If a kid destroys something it may be beyond donate

3.1.2. Opportunities to craft

3.2. Reuse

3.2.1. Hand-me-downs

3.2.2. Friends and Familiy

3.2.3. Donation Bins Who do theses actually go to

3.3. Sentimental things?

3.3.1. Storage