Theoretical Perspective and Theorist

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Theoretical Perspective and Theorist por Mind Map: Theoretical Perspective and Theorist

1. Behaviorist Perspective/B.F. Skinner: The behaviorist perspective considers learning to develop base on stimuli, response and reinforcement that occur in the environment. This perspective component occur when there is reinforcement of a child verbal or non-verbal response to language directed at him is responsible for language learning that occur.

2. Cognitive Perspective/ Jean Piaget: The cognitive development emphasis that language is acquired as maturation occurs and cognitive competence is developed. The relationship between cognitive development and language is based on the belief that, for language development specific cognitive growth must occur first.

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3. Interactions Perspective/ Vygotsky, Bruner, Holliday: The interactions perspective focus on primary roles of social cultural interaction in children development of language. Tuanghis perspective contributes our understanding of the ways children acquired pragmatic language.

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4. Natives Perspective /Linguist Noam Chomsky: The natives perspective emphasis inborn or innate human capabilities as being responsible for language development. This component explains the ability of all humans to learn their cultures specifics language.

4.1. Action Item 1

4.2. Action Item 2