Depression in Med Students in Mexico

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Depression in Med Students in Mexico por Mind Map: Depression in Med Students in Mexico

1. Who are the ones affected?

1.1. Med Students in Mexico

1.2. Women are more affected than boys

1.3. Older students are more affected than the youngest

2. Why are Med Students affected?

2.1. They have a lot of work, less hours to sleep, they are always stressed, lack of time for family relationships and not having enough time to spend with friends and funny activities

3. What are the causes of the issue?

3.1. Bad relationships with the family, Doctors in faculties abuse of their authority, closed-minded society regarding mental health.

3.2. The abuse of consuming "addicted" substances, like coffee, energy drinks, soda, etc.

4. Who are responsable of the issue?

4.1. In the first line the parents. Then the society and the "tabues". In other hand we have teachers that doesn't take the enough time to meet and to empathize with students. And specially, the lack of neurotransmitters in the affected students.

5. Medically, what is affected in students with depression?

5.1. They show a functional deficit of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine (NA) and serotonin (5-HT), in the limbic (emotional) regions of the brain.

6. Does depression affect all the students in a similar form?

6.1. It is a heterogeneous condition, each individual manifests different signs and symptoms

7. If a Med student with depression does not receive help to battle that problem, can he still grow professionally?

7.1. No, they can commit suicide, they could have laboral accidents for example kill someone, can affect job performance, academic performance, and cause errors in medical practice

8. What are the symptoms?

8.1. Increased or less appetite. Having feeling of being less important or useless. Having trouble concentrating on everyday or social tasks. Walk and speak slowly or, on the contrary, they can always be very agitated. Having trouble sleeping or sleeping excessively. Having suicidal thoughts, ideas, or attempts. They neglect personal appearance and hygiene.