Workshop 1

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Workshop 1 por Mind Map: Workshop 1

1. How will we be working?

2. What do you expect you will learn in this course that you don't already know?

3. How will we be working with the Nestlé case?

4. questions about the course

4.1. How to be transdisciplinary?

4.2. Which courses should we prioritize the most? Or should we include all equally?

4.3. What is the structure and purpose of these seminars?

5. litterature

6. the course

6.1. What is the purpose of this course?

6.1.1. The exam?

6.2. Tools for this course

6.2.1. learn

6.2.2. googledocs

6.2.3. meistermind?

7. What constitutes the 'academic' writing style?

7.1. APA model

7.2. Metacommunication

7.3. Argumentation

7.4. Reflection

7.5. Objective

7.6. Blooms taksonomi ^

7.7. problem statement answered in conclusion

7.8. analysis

7.9. theory and methodology

7.9.1. qualitative research

7.9.2. quantitative

8. Getting started on your research question

8.1. the vennix diagram