workshop 1

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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workshop 1 por Mind Map: workshop 1

1. Are we expected to use tools from all our previous classes?

2. Is it like "skriv kreativt"

2.1. no. reflections concern how your product is a good solution to the problem, you have written down. FUrthermore, reflections are based in the theories and models you've chosen to illustrate how you've angled your case.

3. What do we have to write other than the "communication part"

3.1. argumentative part (8 pg) and communication part (2pg)

4. definér dybde og bredde for opgavens indhold

4.1. focus is on using the right theories and being competent in analysing. doing this in 8 pages is likely to place more emphasis on breadth than debth

5. When do we get the exam dates?

6. What constitutes academic writing style??

6.1. formal language: avoid subjective wording. be specific in your choice of words. use terminology from the theories your're working with.

6.2. argumentation: your points of view must be presented via arguments.

6.3. theories and models

6.4. analysis: picking your problem apart, categorising it in accordance with your problem, and in accordance with the theories you have chosen

6.5. metacommunication: stating what you've said, and what you're going to say.

7. The course

7.1. What is the purpose of the course?

7.1.1. The exam

7.1.2. What constitutes academic writing style?

7.2. Tools for the course

7.2.1. Litterature

7.2.2. learn

7.2.3. google docs

7.2.4. meistermind?

7.3. How will we be working?

8. Getting started on your research question

8.1. the vennix diagram

9. questions to the subject

9.1. Hvilket sprog skal opgaven skrives på? - Engelsk

9.2. When will we see the exam case?

9.3. How many different courses are recommended to include?

9.3.1. the number of disciplines required depends on your research question. They are defined in the context you have to describe, the tools/models you will be using in order to illustrate or describe aspects you need to solve your research question

9.4. Forholdet meller teori og praksis? - Bachelor vs. tværfaglig case

9.4.1. bachelor project is entirely your own treatment of a subject you've chosen. You get a large number o0f pages to treat that subject.

9.5. Hvad skal kommunikationsproduktet bestå af?

9.5.1. could be anything textual. suggestions so far: speech, blog.... leaflets, invitations, invitation to become partner ....