Useful terminology to talk about culture theory/research

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Useful terminology to talk about culture theory/research por Mind Map: Useful terminology to talk about culture theory/research

1. Jameson (week 37)

1.1. classification of individual identity

1.1.1. objective identity? passports/offical data about you

1.1.2. subjective identity? how you see your identity

1.1.3. collective identity? formal/informal membership of groups?

1.1.4. cultural identity? group membership vocation class geography philosophy language biological traits with cultural aspects power/priviledge?

1.1.5. social identity? anchored in a particular moment in time/what roles people play in the present

1.2. culture as a pie chart

2. ethnocentric/ethnorelative mindset?

2.1. ethnocentric: judging from the perspective of your own culture

2.2. able to see things from many perspectives

3. week 36

3.1. metatheory?

3.2. emic/etic researcher perspectives?

3.2.1. etic: outsider's perspective/researcher decides what to focus on.

3.2.2. emic: insider perspective/researchers are guided by what they see

4. week 38

4.1. Burell-&-Morgan: Theoretical Paradigms

4.1.1. Functionalist paradigm? quantitative/natural science approach/predicting national boundries/generalising view culture exists as something that can be described and categorised

4.1.2. Interpretive paradigm? qualitative approach/understanding rather than predicting socially constructed. emic

4.1.3. Critical humanist paradigm? social construct: researchers look for: superstructures and material conditions cultural meanings in media (not face-to-face)

4.1.4. Critical structuralist paradigm? superstructures everything happens for a reason

4.1.5. Power? assymetrical relationships interpretive/functionalist approaches where is power in society?/structures (critical approaches)

4.1.6. Context? - education/age/gender/work/knowledge/----

4.1.7. Deterministic culture perspective? everything happens for a reason

4.2. etic perspective

5. week 39

5.1. cultural determinism