Useful terminology to talk about culture/theory/research

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Useful terminology to talk about culture/theory/research por Mind Map: Useful terminology to talk about culture/theory/research

1. ethnocentric/ethnorelative mindset?

1.1. ethnorelative

1.1.1. trying to understand other's perspective

1.2. ethnocentric

1.2.1. judging others based on your own cultural values

2. Week 37

2.1. Emic/Etic researcher perspective?

2.1.1. emic insider's perspecitve

2.1.2. etic outsider's perspective comparison of cultures

2.2. Metatheory?

2.2.1. theory about theory

2.3. Jameson (week 37)

2.3.1. Classification of individual identity Objective identity? subjective identity? Collective identity? cultural identity? group memberships power and priviledge social identity?

2.3.2. Culture as a pie chart each person has several 'sub'cultures - pie chart represents the total of all these. Some cultures become more salient in certain situations than others.

3. Week 36

3.1. Burell-&-Morgan theoretical paradigms (week 36)

3.1.1. Functional paradigm? culture is static/an entity that can be measured and described. quantitative approaches goal is to predict behaviour etic perspective

3.1.2. Interpretive paradigm? culture is a process: social construct goal is to understand culture in context emic

3.1.3. Critical humanist paradigm? culture is a social construct BUT influenced by superstructures in society/material conditions mainly media/written texts

3.1.4. critical structuralist paradigm deterministic culture perspective: look for superstructures of power/false consciousness

3.1.5. context?

3.1.6. Deterministic culture perspective? everything happens for a reason

3.1.7. power communication situations: assymetric power relations Societal power: hierarchical society: power structures.

4. Week 38

4.1. Francine D Kemp: saving face

4.1.1. enculturation assuming the values and habits of a given culture

4.2. Comunication styles and b2b web sites

4.2.1. dichotomy a pair of values/situations.... that you compare

4.3. context

4.3.1. surrounding factors that are salient eg for a given communication situation

4.4. contexting

4.4.1. giving a message meaning through a given context: indirect communication

5. Week 39

5.1. cultural determinism?