Bleeding in the name of Love

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Bleeding in the name of Love por Mind Map: Bleeding in the name of Love

1. They are cought in a black hole and they arrive in a Parallel Universe of Earth

2. Setting

2.1. In a Parallel Univers of Earth

2.1.1. Chapter 1 Rocket Forest Jail

2.1.2. Chapter 2 Jail Alina's room

2.1.3. Chapter 3 Forest Tunnels

2.1.4. Chapter 4 Castle King's room

2.1.5. Chapter 5 Forest

3. Plot

3.1. Two men are sent in space to confirm the life on Mars, but they are cought in a black hole and they arrive in a Parallel Universe of Earth.

4. Characters

4.1. Main Characters

4.1.1. Protagonists Males Sigurd Females Alina

4.1.2. Antagonistics Males Alex Philip Females -

4.2. Minor Characters

4.2.1. Brian Status: Dead

4.2.2. Emir

5. Theme

5.1. Travelling between worlds by black holes

5.2. The forbidden love

5.3. The fight for our goals

5.4. The betrayal of our closest persons

6. Action

6.1. Chapter 1

6.1.1. Sigurd and Brian are sent into space to discover the life on Mars.

6.1.2. The world is ruled by an evil king

6.1.3. Brian is killed by guardians in the forest

6.1.4. Sigurd is hurt and arrives to jail

6.1.5. Sigurd meets Alina and he feels atracted to her

6.1.6. Alina got to jail because she wanted to kil the king

6.2. Chapter 2

6.2.1. Alina relates her story to Sigurd

6.2.2. She got there because she tried to kill the king, when she found out that he is the one who killed her father

6.2.3. The king killed Alina's father because he knew that he has an amulet that could open a black hole which could bring the end of their world

6.2.4. Alina tells Sigurd that she has a friend outside who could help them getout

6.2.5. She was betraid by her brother-in-low

6.2.6. Sigurd get the hope that he could go back home with the king's amulet

6.3. Chapter 3

6.3.1. Sigurd and Alian escape from jail.

6.3.2. Emir, Alina's friend, who helped them get out, id helping Sigurd with his injures.

6.3.3. Alian is taking Sigurd to her fater's box where she found the proof of the amulet's existence: a message for Alian from her father.

6.3.4. The guardians are following them into the woods, and Sigurd is so impresed when Alian takes down all of them.

6.3.5. They found out that the amulet could bring the Apocalipse only when it is used for the fifth ime

6.3.6. Alina and Sigurd share some romantic moments in that night.

6.4. Chapter 4

6.4.1. Te king is angry because Alian and Sigurd escaped.

6.4.2. He send the soldiers to find tem , but they come back with no result.

6.4.3. Alina and Sigurd are prepairing an ambush for the king. They enter into his room when he goes to sleep. They stole his amulet and ask him how many times he used it, so he tells them third times.

6.4.4. Alian wants to kill him, but teh guardians came an dthey had to go.

6.5. Chapter 5

6.5.1. Sigurd has the key of going home

6.5.2. He starts to fall in love with Alina

6.5.3. She fells the same way but she said that they can't be together.

6.5.4. He is dissapointed and goes to the forest ready to go back home

6.5.5. Alian is suffering and she goes after him and tells him that she loves him too

6.5.6. Sigurd must choose between her and home.

6.5.7. The king with some guardians are atacking them

6.5.8. Sigurd and Alian are fighting with them

6.5.9. Alian go trough the portal bt mystake intead of Sigurd