The creative process

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The creative process por Mind Map: The creative process

1. Trainerspath

1.1. The trainers

1.1.1. Bas Gadiot Being a professional trainer running a foundation programs with Youth Zimbabwe PEMS Practical Emotional Mental Spiritual Valued as 1-10 societal challenges exploration curiosity mental self reflection Methods / knowledge Practical Leadership Management Planning Performing Social Emotional Intrinsic drive spiritual Foundation "critical mass" training professionals to work with use

1.1.2. Pelle Berting Trainer I want to compose beautiful things First thing I did after graduation: fall off a mountain Balance Photograph authenticity composition balance creativity

2. exercises

2.1. Draw a picture of each other

2.2. What's the first thing you said after showing the picture

2.2.1. What did you say?

2.2.2. Who appologised? why? because it's personal? we want to lower their expectations

2.2.3. Who judged his/her own drawing?

2.3. Summarise

2.3.1. We limit ourselves alot we use internal assumptions reasonable deep old we use our own expectations

2.4. Filling the boxes

2.4.1. 63 boxes

2.4.2. fill them with differnt shapes

2.4.3. the shapes must be rounded

2.5. Introduce yourself from the picture drawn by the other person

2.5.1. a pitch

2.5.2. 10-30 sec each

2.6. A picture of a person

2.6.1. What do you see?

2.6.2. What do you think?

2.6.3. What could be your relation with this person?

2.6.4. Theory stereotyping Prejudice Social categorisation

2.7. Creation spiral marnius knoope

2.7.1. how will I materialize my own professional engagement? Wishing what do I wish for my professional engagement for whom do I wish this? what does it mean to me? is it really my own wish? Does it give me energy? what do I feel when I speak my wish out loud? To which social issues / professional ideas does my wish apply to which groups imagining what does it look like when my wish has come true? what are they saying? what is the scale of my success? Could I see it being even larger? Believing Do I really believe in my wish and its realisation? Where do I doubt? Why? How can I get rid of my doubts: do I adjust my wish or my fears? process sit facing each other assignment is handed out

2.8. Flow model - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

2.8.1. Book

3. Tools

3.1. Personal coaching

3.1.1. Pizza of life / wheel of life health finance hobbies fun & challenges Learning Friends Family


3.2. "To be predestined and the ability to realize your own wishes - they may actually be one and the same"

3.2.1. We are all fruit trees

3.2.2. predetermined is the fruit our tree bears we can make the fruit taste better we can make it look better

3.2.3. Some qualities you can develop to bear the fruit visualization positive thinking conscious awareness

3.2.4. You need to know if you are on the right track

3.2.5. you need to observe yourself

3.2.6. be conscious of where you are going

3.2.7. Model Attention to the roots (on top of a circle) attention to the leaves (on bottom of a circle) attention to the blossoms (west side of the circle) attentoin to the friets (east side of the circle) Then in the circle there's a square division of the seasons

3.2.8. 12 step model by Marinus Knoope - The creation spiral Winter wish imagine believe Spring express explore plan Summer decide act persevere Autumn receive appreciate relax

3.2.9. The negative spiral 12 steps worry develop fearful images be afraid that express explore plan decide act persevere receive be disappointed become stressed

3.2.10. Spiral is not linear you can go back any time what was my wish? do I still believe in it? Different cycles overlapping

3.2.11. Realism according to company rules there can be no innovation fun creativity change Now jump on the train and go....

4. What inspires us?

4.1. group discussion