Living in America(younger audience)

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Living in America(younger audience) por Mind Map: Living in America(younger audience)

1. Wealthy life style

2. Themes

2.1. American lifestyle

2.1.1. Beaches- As it is set in Florida, this location is mostly known for its sunny beaches and holiday's.

2.1.2. Modern clothing- This will add a younger appeal to the video as it will include people of the target audience with fashionable clothing and they will be able to relate, or it will show them the lifestyle they aspire for.

2.1.3. Address current events Relate to president Trump. Americas homeless epidemic.

3. Narrative based concept and performance based concept

3.1. Having a narrative based performance would be better for our younger audience as the shots we would include would relate to our younger audience and address specific issues that occur with the younger generation.

3.2. If we added a performance based narrative only it is likely it would not be for a younger audience as it would be maintain their interest.

3.3. Both concepts together would be an interesting concept as it would allow us to add in modern life but also add an 80's twist and as the 80's is so popular at the moment it could prove the best.

3.3.1. Budget

4. Target audience

4.1. Young adults(16-25)

4.2. The song we have chosen is in fact for an older audience however, I feel to make our video modern with an 80's twist would have a more achievable outcome. I am part of the young adult audience, this would allow our research to be much easier if we aim at a younger audience.

5. Mise-en-scene

5.1. Props

5.1.1. Trump hat- This would give a modern insight into America as this is one of the most recent events in America which has changed the entire county.

5.1.2. Selfie stick

5.1.3. Alligators

5.2. Costumes

5.2.1. Latest fashion would be our first choice in our characters costumes.

5.2.2. Alternative- This could be a perfect example to add an 80's twist as we could add possible 80's clothing into our characters. The 80's has come back into play in the last few years and everyone sees it as a time of fun and we could capture this in our video to make it more interesting for our older viewers interested.

6. Location

6.1. Miami, USA

6.2. Florida

6.3. Stage- This would be for if we decide to add in performance base as this is what many 80's videos were.