Participatory Risk Assessment

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Participatory Risk Assessment создатель Mind Map: Participatory Risk Assessment

1. Objectives:

1.1. Community/ward level sensitization and risk assessments

1.2. Ward climate action plans

1.3. County climate resilience investment plans

2. Deliverables

2.1. short inception report

2.1.1. methodology Co-production and Institutionalisation Partners scale county level ward level output 5 year strategic plan 1 year investment plan Exception or POM?

2.1.2. detailed workplan and schedule 15th September 29th October

2.1.3. orientation workshop what is this?

2.1.4. team composition roles needed in the team Researcher - G3 Principle Researcher Researcher G5 Local faciltator/on the ground consultant Scientific Advisor(s) Kenyan Institutions Expert NGO - CSO advisor Practitioner

2.1.5. reporting schedule

2.1.6. other issues

2.2. Guidelines targeting County Government on how to carry out PRAP and considerations for consolidating proposals into a County-level resilience plan

2.2.1. which guidelines already exist? Scenario Planning tools adapt to local context data collection and analysis scenario development Workshop attendees idenfication of adaption options or priority areas Business unusual approach Regional or Area Specifities Existing Tools

2.2.2. what needs to be done to adapt them to the Kenyan context?

2.3. Templates to accompany the Guidelines

2.4. Training Schedule and delivery of training items to build capacity of CCUs

2.4.1. Identify partners to incorporate into training KSG

2.4.2. Testing with one county first

2.4.3. Testing across 47 counties as part of adaptive learning

2.4.4. Validation first, then training

2.4.5. Light touch training to CCUs and counties

2.5. Final report upon completion of all outputs

3. FLLoCCA timetable

3.1. 30th April