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Human Rights создатель Mind Map: Human Rights

1. Human Rights are activities or abilities that people may do to feel human

2. There are two types of Human Rights:

2.1. Natural Rights: The right that everyone is entitled to and must be protected. These are the things that no one can prevent you from having and is passed on from generation to generation.

2.1.1. Example: Right to live - our right to exist in happinesss

2.2. Constitutional Rights: The rights that are stated in our countries constitution, that are divided into three parts:

2.2.1. Social and Cultural Rights: Right to protect the culture of its citizens for them to enhance their skills and well being. Examples: Right to abode Examples: Right to education

2.2.2. Civil Rights: Right to live in within the state with safety and protection. Examples: Right to fair justice & trial Examples: Right to assembly

2.2.3. Economic Rights: Right to work to sustain their standards of life Examples: Right to employment Examples: Right to have their own business