What is our purpose?

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What is our purpose? 作者: Mind Map: What is our purpose?

1. Why are we here?

1.1. Have conversations to determine the purpose of the people's movement

2. What do we all want as human beings?

2.1. Security, respect, love, peace

2.2. A livable planet

2.3. Access to good education

2.4. Heath

2.4.1. Healthcare

3. Social & Economic Justice

3.1. Address wrongdoing

3.1.1. By corporations, banks, governments, individuals

3.1.2. Prosecute crimes

3.2. Change the system so it cannot happen again

4. Collaborative Stewardship

4.1. Protect the Common Good

4.2. Protect Life

4.2.1. Human

4.2.2. Other Species

4.2.3. Planet