original sin原罪

original sin原罪

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original sin原罪 作者: Mind Map: original sin原罪

1. the fact 事實

1.1. snake 蛇

1.1.1. was incarnation of the devil 魔鬼的化身 it is not the snake who speaks 並非蛇本身在說話 speaks like human 如同人類說話 snake , the holy animal of egypt 蛇,埃及唯一聖潔的動物 smart 聰明

1.1.2. first fall = devil 第一次墮落=魔鬼

1.1.3. first conversation about god 第一次與神交談

1.1.4. lie , about ALL THE FRUITS. 謊言,關於所有樹的果子 EVE , says only one fruit, BUT NOT TO TOUCH!!! 夏娃說只有一顆樹,但也不可摸 EVE SHOULD LEAVE AT ONCE 夏娃應該立刻離開 snake speaks in plural, so ADAM CAN LISTEN 蛇說話的以複數表達,所以亞當可以聽見 induce DOUBT about god 包含對神的疑慮 lies ,you will not die 謊言,你將不會死亡 wrong idea about god 對神錯誤的認知 thinks that knows god better 認為更能了解神 open the eyes 眼睛明亮 do everything 能作所有的事 know everything 能知所有事 become gods 成為神 separation of god 與神分離 like god , not exactly 像神, 但不是完全一樣 know the good and bad 知道好與壞

1.2. when did happen? 何時發生?

1.2.1. seems very soon 似乎很快就發生 we do not miss the LOST paradise 我們不眷戀失落的樂園 we are WAITING THE FUTURE, THE KINGDOM OF GOD 我們等待未來,是天主的國度

1.2.2. bible does not write a lot about the condition of Adam BEFORE the fall 聖經並未記載亞當未墮落前的細節 bible does not stress historical details, but theology. 聖經不是在強調歷史,而是神學

1.3. the woman 女人

1.3.1. gradually accepts 漸漸的接受

1.3.2. doubts 疑惑

1.3.3. see , think Gen 3:5-6 眼慾,思考 創世紀3:5-6 tree beautiful 美麗的樹 tasty 美味 gives knowlege 給與知識

1.3.4. disobey God 違背上帝 it is not like breaking a law 並非如不遵守律法 refuse God as loving, caring, etc... 拒絕上帝愛,關懷....等等 accept that God wants to prevent them from power 接納認為上帝防止他們擁有能力 dislike god 不愛神 prefers devil instead of God 寧願以撒旦取代上帝

1.3.5. eats 吃下

1.3.6. gives to husband 給她的丈夫

1.3.7. human first death , spiritually 人類第一次的死亡,靈性上的

1.3.8. fail to what expected 並沒有得到他們的期望

1.4. guilt 罪惡

1.4.1. naked from the grace of god 裸露因遠離上帝的恩典 before they were naked also but without shame 之前他們也是裸體但卻不覺得羞恥 no good to stay in front of god without his grace 沒有祂的恩典,亦沒有任何良善者能站在上帝前

1.4.2. fear of death 畏懼死亡

1.4.3. self as individual, no love 自己如同各體,不愛 before no separation of each other 以前沒有彼此的分離 accuse each other 互相指控

1.4.4. hiding from god 躲避神 refuse the face to face communication with god 拒絕與神正面交談

1.5. no repentance 不悔改

1.5.1. god tries to make them repent 上帝試著讓他們悔改

1.5.2. GOD IS NOT ANGRY OR OFFENDED 上帝不生氣也不會冒犯

1.5.3. Adam ACCUSE GOD AS RESPONSIBLE 亞當指控上帝應該承擔責任 we consider god as enemy 我們將神視為敵人 god does NOT consider us enemies 上帝並沒將我們看作是敵人 reconciliation is one way only 和好只需要單方面

1.6. only comparing Jesus to Adam we can understand the fall 只要比較耶穌和亞當就可以了解墮落

1.6.1. 台灣的東正教 ORTHODOX CHURCH IN TAIWAN website www.theological.asia

2. what is sin 什麼是罪

2.1. ΑΜΑΡΤΙΑ miss the way 罪:失誤

2.2. separation 分離

2.2.1. from god 從神

2.2.2. from others 從他者

2.3. man created without sin 人被造時是沒有罪的

2.4. understand god as power , not love 誤解神如同強大能力而非愛

2.4.1. imitate god as power, magic etc 模仿神的權柄,神奇力量....等

2.5. god's law 上帝的律法

2.5.1. God's law is not like humans law. 上帝的律法與人的律法不同

2.5.2. God's law is way to LIFE 守上帝誡命的,住在上帝裡面,上帝也住在他裡面

2.6. sin (breaking the law) is disease of the WHOLE man 罪(破壞律法)是全人類的疾病

2.6.1. it is not like breaking human law 與違背人類的律法不同

2.6.2. there is ethical responsibility 那是包含道德的責任

2.6.3. but also a wound to human nature 但也傷害到人的本性

2.7. god is not offended 上帝不會被冒犯

2.7.1. tries to cure us 上帝試圖醫治我們

2.8. church is a hospital 教會是醫院

2.9. salvation is never individualistic. it is membership in church 救恩未曾是個體的,是屬教會的成員

3. did god create a trap? 是上帝設下的陷阱

3.1. 我們要照著我們的形象---->按著我們的樣式造人

3.1.1. 1John 3:2 我們必要像他 James 3:9 who are made after the likeness of God: from the childhood to maturity從孩童邁向成熟 man was not COMPLETELY perfect, or natural, but dynamic being to improve 人當時並非完全完美,或本質,但在與神互動上的增長 (gradually increase to love of god逐漸增加對上帝的愛 ) human CAN NOT surpass his limits, can not be united with god BY HIMSELF 人類無法超越自己的極限,更不能靠他自己與神合一 the incarnation of the Son, much more higher than a simple salvation 子道成肉身,遠超過任何輕易簡單得救恩

3.1.2. only comparing Jesus to Adam we can understand the fall

3.2. the fruit of knowledge 分別善惡樹上的果子

3.2.1. god made it 上帝創造的 to train them to prefer the will of God than their own will, to increase in love of God 訓練他們喜悅上帝的旨意,而非他們自己的意願,用意是加深對神的愛 gives the knowledge of what you are 這知識讓你更認清自我 for the mature people very good 對於成熟的人是非常好的 for the immature dangerous 對於不成熟的人則是危險

3.2.2. man had NOT the ability to know the good or bad 人過去沒有能力辨識好與壞 the tree did not give moral knowledge 這樹沒有給道德方面的知識 if Adam had not the ability to distinguish good or bad , then he did well to eat !!!!! 如果亞當沒有分辨能力的好壞,然後他所做的很好決定吃!!!!!

3.2.3. is the sexuality 是性關係 cannot be accepted, Gen 1:28 無法接受這理由創世紀 1:28

3.2.4. to give Adam knowledge 給與亞當知識 Adam knew (gave names to animals) and that he was unique 亞當知道(給動物取名),他是獨特的

3.2.5. give Adam freedom to be separated from god 給與亞當自由去選擇與神分離

3.2.6. know everything 知道所有的事 knowledge has practical meaning 知識有它實質上的意義 pairs of opposites , like good-evil in BIBLE, meaning is ALL 一組形容正反對立,又如好--惡在聖經中,其意思是指所有一切 know everything+do everything= ALMIGHTY ONLY GOD IS 知道所有的事+做所有的事=全能的只有上帝 ADAM should accept that he is not god, has limitations,亞當應該明白,他不是神,有其局限性 Adam SHOULD KNOW GOD AS LOVE, NOT AS ALMIGHTY, POWER ETC.... 亞當對神的認知應該是愛,而非全能的,大能 .....等等

3.2.7. what kind of fruit?哪一種果實? not in bible 不在聖經中 malus (bad壞) -malum (apple 蘋果)

3.3. the fruit of life 生命樹

3.3.1. gives immortality 賜與不朽 as communion with god 正如與上帝共融 not by magic ,or by itself 不是靠魔法,亦非靠自我 IT IS THE HOLY COMMUNION 這就是聖禮儀

3.3.2. Adam did not eat 亞當並沒有吃下 Adam SHOULD eat FIRST the fruit of life, THEN he could eat the fruit of knowledge

3.3.3. was NOT forbidden 並沒有禁止他們

3.3.4. in paradise all will eat 在伊甸園一切皆可食

3.4. the fall was NOT nessesary 不需要經過墮落

3.5. the temptation 試探

3.5.1. from god 從神 never sinful 未曾是罪的

3.5.2. from the devil 從魔鬼 from the others 從他者

3.5.3. from the human condition 從人為的條件

3.5.4. 2 thess 2:7 那不法之『秘密』(與『奧秘』一詞同字)是已在運用動力的

4. theologians 神學家


4.1.1. website www.theological.asia

5. death 死亡

5.1. existed BEFORE THE FALL? 早已存在在墮落之前?

5.1.1. they knew THAT GOD IS LIFE 他們早已知道神是生命

5.1.2. the fall happen very fast not after long time so to have deaths etc. 墮落這件事發生的非常快所以很快就有死亡.

5.2. separation from god 與神分離

5.2.1. devil fall 魔鬼的墮落 devil spiritually dead already 魔鬼的靈性早已死亡


5.3.1. it was a GIFT so that humans do not sin for ever 這是一個禮物因此人類不能永遠犯罪

5.3.2. from curse to blessing REVEL 14:13 從詛咒到祝福

5.3.3. participate to death of Christ 參與基督的死

6. consequences 導致結果....

6.1. disease of human nature 人性的疾病

6.1.1. image OF GOD is darker, sick, partly destroyed 神的形像較弱,生病,部分毀壞 our nature is sick, creates sinful conditions Genesis 8:21 我們的本性病了,並製造出罪惡的環境 創世紀8:21 corruption of nature NOT COMPLETELY 本性腐敗但非完全喪失

6.1.2. not transmit personal guild 不能傳輸到個人行為 if my father has AIDS i am sick BUT NOT SINNER 如果我的父親有愛滋病導致我得病,但我不是罪人

6.1.3. Gen 4:1 And Adam ....... said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. 亞當........說、耶和華使我得了一個男兒 human COOPERATES with God to make new life Ephes. 3:9 人類與上帝合作活出新生命. 以弗所書3:9 Genesis 3:16 ...... in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; 創世記 3:16 ...... 你生產兒女必多受苦楚 John 16:21 : but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. 約翰福音 16:21 但生了孩子以後,就不再記住那痛苦了,因為歡喜有一個人生到世上來。 the human nature lost the grace of god (not completely) 人類的本質失去了神的恩典(不是完全失去) so the baby is born in this lack of grace =sinful situation 因此當嬰兒出生時就失去此恩典=罪的狀況

6.1.4. transmit the easy intention to sin 承續下來容易傾向犯罪 Romans 5:12 Adam 亞當 ἐφ· ᾧ πάντες ἥμαρτον. The words ἐφ· ᾧ are rendered in the Vulgate, in quo (in whom) death-decay 死亡--腐朽 makes me individual 造成自我個體化 selfish自私 1 Cor. 15:56 The sting of death is sin 死的毒鉤就是罪.罪的權勢就是律法 Romans 7:23 But I see another law in my members 但我卻看出,在我肢體中另有個律 individuality opposite to communion , church way 個體是反對聖餐禮,教會的方式 Sartre: Original sin is thus my upsurge in a world where there are others; 沙特 : 原罪是將自我高舉於這世界及眾人中 i am sinner even if i do not know it 我是罪人,即使我不自知 sins intentional 故意的罪行 sins non intentional 無意的罪行 everybody needs salvation & forgiveness 每個人都需要救恩及寬恕

6.1.5. still needs from IMAGE to LIKENESS 仍然需要回歸神的形象與樣似 church HOLY COMMUNION 教會聖禮儀

6.2. disease in universe 疾病在宇宙中

6.3. salvation 救恩

6.3.1. from the disease of the death 死亡是從疾病所產生的

6.3.2. not of the wrath of god 並非指神的憤怒

6.3.3. baptism 受洗 Gal. 3:27 因為你們凡受了洗歸入基督的,便是穿上了基督為衣服 Rom 6:4 所以我們藉著洗禮歸入死,與他同葬 Acts 2:38 你們各人要悔改,奉耶穌基督的名受洗,叫你們的罪得赦,就必領受所賜的聖靈 remain the old corrupted nature , BUT THIS IS NOT SIN. can be exercise 本質仍持續舊的狀況,但這不是罪,依然可以活動 spiritual training 靈性的訓練

6.3.4. DEIFICATION 神格化

6.4. Maria is cleaned DURING THE CONCEPTION BY HOLY SPIRIT 馬利亞在懷孕時聖靈將她潔淨

6.4.1. luke 1:15

6.4.2. Sirach 18:17

6.5. 3rd Ecumenical condemns Pelagios 第三次大公會議譴責Pelagios

6.5.1. pelagios teaching Pelagios 的教導 Adam would die even if not sin 就算亞當沒有犯罪也會死亡 adam sin does not influence others 亞當自我的罪行並不會影響他者 Adam sin & Jesus resurrection no influence 亞當的罪和耶穌的復活沒有影響 babies are without any sin 身體是沒有任何罪 before christ there were people without sin 在基督以前曾有人沒有罪嗎

6.5.2. Adam is not naturally immortal. only god is. but can choose to live in god or not 亞當的本質並非不朽的,唯有神是永恆,但可以選擇與神同在或與否

6.6. incarnation? 道成肉身?

6.6.1. Augustin 奧古斯丁

6.6.2. Athanasius , incarnation to deify us 亞他那修,

7. adam 亞當

7.1. justitia original is 在伊甸園只是一個雛形

7.1.1. orthodox 東正教 grace of god united with adam, the IMAGE OF GOD 神的恩典與亞當連結,神的形像 wisdom 智慧 knowledge of god (not perfect) 對神的認知(不完美) unity with the Other (woman) 與他者連結(女人) holiness - pure heart 聖潔--純潔的心 no temptations, no bad desires 沒有試探,沒有壞的慾望 posse non mori 能不死 我們要照著我們的形象---->按著我們的樣式造人; 1John 3:2 我們必要像他 James 3:9 who are made after the likeness of God 那照著 神形像被造的人 from the childhood to maturity 從孩童邁向成熟 only comparing Jesus to Adam we can understand the fall 單單比較耶穌與亞當我們就會了解墮落

7.1.2. catholic 天主教 grace of god , but EXTERNAL 神的恩典,附屬於神 IMMORTALITY 不朽的 HOLINESS 聖潔 Adam had bad desires 亞當有壞的慾望 donum supperaditum status pure naturae justitia originalis

7.1.3. protestant 新教 the IMAGE of god = human nature 神的形像=人的本質 Adam was completely perfect 亞當過去是全然的完美 NO NEED THE GRACE OF GOD 不需要神的恩典

7.2. after the fall 墮落之後

7.2.1. catholic 天主教 human nature is partly destroyed 人類本質部分被毀壞 judicial concepts 律法的概念 transmitting of sin 罪的傳承 Maria without original sin 馬利亞沒有原罪 all humans in adam 全人類皆因亞當之故

7.2.2. protestant 新教 after fall the IMAGE IS DESTROYED COMPLETELY 墮落之後神的形像完全毀壞 SOLA GRATIA 完全恩典 impossible to do good acts (splendida vitia) 不可能靠個人的好行為 PERSONAL GUILT 個人罪性 judicial concepts 律法的概念

8. origin of sin 罪的根源


8.1.1. sin is separation from god and each other 罪是與神及他者的分離

8.1.2. sin is not to love 罪是不去愛

8.1.3. evil is from the Person to impersonation 邪惡是從人到能力化


8.3. sin is not something that MUST HAPPEN 罪並不是必須發生的事件

8.4. freedom is foundational attribute of being 自由的根基必須架構在存在

8.4.1. freedom is the way to exist in love and communion 自由的方式是在愛中存在及共融

8.4.2. to choose between 2 thing is not the perfect freedom 在兩者中作選擇並非是完美的自由

8.5. why does god allow me to commit sin? 為什麼上帝容許我犯罪?