Assessment in PYP

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Assessment in PYP 作者: Mind Map: Assessment in PYP

1. In the classroom

2. Student work; Collective evidence of student thinking; documenting learning progress; reflecting on students learning; students assess own work and the work of others;

3. Effective assessment (for Students and Teachers)

4. Students share learning with others; students demonstrate range of skills; they use variety of learning styles and express different points of views; Teachers plan Inquiry; Teachers reflect collabratively and show evidences; Teachers accept a variety of learning styles of the students, Teachers identifies what student is thinking/ learning; Teacher builds up clear picture of students interest; Teacher extends students learning

5. Assessment strategies

6. Observations; Performance assessment; Process focused assessment; selected responses; Open- ended tasks;

7. Assessment tools

8. Rubrics; Checklists; Anecdotal notes; Exemplares; Continuums

9. Formative Assessment

10. Summative Assessment

11. Provides Information to plan next stage in learning; Regular feedback; Link to teaching

12. Culmination of teaching and learning process; gives students opportunity to demonstrate what has been learned; it measures understanding of the central idea and prompts studendts towards action